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We are A-Side. An independent creative agency, specialising in brand design and communication. This is what's happening:

09.12.2013 ~ Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho is a journal of Christmas creativity. Editors and art directors Cai & Kyn invited us to design a custom knit pattern as part of their Christmas Knits feature. Twenty one knits are spread throughout the publication and will be exhibited at Breese Little Gallery from the 17th December. We adopted a typographic approach using some of the grittier lyrics from A Fairytale of New York - the ultimate Christmas song.

29.11.2013 ~ Flat Cap Beers script

In recent months we have reviewed and updated Flat Cap Beers visual identity. Part of this exercise was updating their logotype - giving it an independent voice and a touch more attitude. A complete set of updated labels will be available in the run up to Christmas.

22.11.2013 ~ We Are Of This Place

In 2006 The Cornish and West Devon Mining Landscape was awarded World Heritage Status in recognition to it's contribution to innovation and technology. 'We Are Of This Place' is a large format legacy document designed to enhance and increase culture and heritage led tourism. We embraced a cinematic editorial voice to tell Cornish Mining's unique story through the geology, technology, culture and diaspora. We sifted through vast archives of images, working closely with Cornish pensmith Paul Farmer, to ensure that our interpretation of this complex culture was accurate and engaging. The story is punctuated with info graphics that bring clarity to a fascinating story that spanned two centuries'.

13.11.2013 ~ The Brew House

Origin have opened their first coffee shop and retail space in Porthleven, just a few hundred yards from Britain's premier reef break. The Brew House is the next stage of the Origin's journey in providing their customers with an unparalleled way to taste their coffee. We consulted and created a visual identity that sits neatly along-side the Origin brand. Anna Hart designed the cosy, modern interior for the shop. Photos by Anthony Greenwood.